New Plan Helps Pay Off Student Loans  | Jason Spencer Dallas

New Plan Helps Pay Off Student Loans | Jason Spencer Dallas

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So far, extra than fifty million People in america have served finance their university education with aid from federal pupil financial loans. As graduates grow anxious about their possibilities in a unstable occupation current market, federal regulators hope that a new reimbursement plan can simplicity spending plan burden. Doing work in general public provider employment or for non-revenue companies can also lead to extended time period financial debt forgiveness, letting federal government leaders to draw in extra proficient university graduates.

How Income Dependent Compensation Operates
Beneath former unique payment options, college students could suspend bank loan payments when confronted with unexpected illness or occupation decline. With the new profits based reimbursement plan, federal government bank loan officers can base a graduate&#39s regular payment on their regular income. By producing normal, tiny payments under an IBR settlement, you can retain your dedication to repaying federal government financial loans. If you retain your bank loan in very good standing and you fulfill selected conditions, the federal government could elect to forgive the harmony of your bank loan.

For illustration, a attorney functioning in a not-for-revenue corporation could make about $ 45,000 for every calendar year just after shelling out as a great deal as $ 150,000 on occupation teaching. A common legislation university graduate would ordinarily face pupil bank loan payments as substantial as $ 1,700 for every month. Nevertheless, under present recommendations, this pupil would only be essential to make regular payments of about $ 360 to fork out back her pupil bank loan.

Because this sort of a lower payment would only go over component of the fascination on the preliminary bank loan, the financial debt forgiveness component of an IBR plan can reward this pupil for her neighborhood provider. Soon after 25 a long time of normal payments, federal government regulators erase the remaining principal and fascination. As the federal government wipes away extra than a half million bucks in accrued fascination, this graduate could decide on to maintain functioning or to enjoy a financial debt-free retirement. Plan contributors functioning in selected federal government positions could qualify for financial debt forgiveness even quicker, just after a interval of just ten a long time.

How IBR Benefits Learners
Income based reimbursement options open up new chances for present and opportunity college students to make university and occupation options devoid of concentrating on the burden of significant bank loan payments. Doing work grown ups in substantial-force industries could desire of stepping down to considerably less annoying employment that demand unique occupation teaching. An IBR plan can aid wafer the fork out minimize you could knowledge when shifting from a senior position in one discipline to an entry amount occupation in a further. If your circumstances change and you locate your self in a substantial-paying company occupation, your pupil bank loan payments should really alter to replicate your new income.

Income Dependent Compensation Just Just one Possibility for Spending Down Pupil Personal loan Financial debt
IBR options should really grow to be available all through the summer time of 2009 for graduating holding pupil bank loan accounts with the Section of Education or with a pick out personal loan company administrated by the Federal Family members Education Personal loan Software. Furthermore, financial debt forgiveness possibilities are available only to college students taking part in the Federal government&#39s Direct Personal loan plan. For that reason, to get the greatest reward from profits based reimbursement possibilities, financial advisors suggest consolidating your financial loans with the federal federal government.

The federal federal government is not the only supply of aid for college students interested in neighborhood provider employment. Numerous colleges and universities supply unique tuition waivers, grants, and other varieties of financial help for college students who pledge to do the job in general public fascination employment. Private foundations also elevate cash to give scholarships and stipends for college students who plan to do the job in unique niches of legislation , federal government, and high-quality arts. Lecturers enjoy pupil bank loan forgiveness systems in lots of states, as do lots of military services personnel. With aid from several resources, you can enjoy a fulfilling occupation in provider to your neighborhood devoid of the violation of crushing pupil bank loan payments each month.

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Stop Applying for Student Loans the Hard Way!  | Jason Spencer Dallas

Stop Applying for Student Loans the Hard Way! | Jason Spencer Dallas

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It can be so confusing when you are prepared to graduate substantial college. You are not confident what you are doing or the place you are likely. Then there are the prices of attending a school or university. An approximated eight million students a yr have to have economical aid. Now it can be overpowering, particularly if you element in space and board prices. But now you can use for college student financial loans and it could not be less complicated. You can even use from the ease and comfort of your dwelling on your computer system. Working with your computer system will conserve time, funds, and is significantly additional handy. There are rewards if you decide to use for college student financial loans on the internet:

– You can discover financial loans that are inexpensive with very low desire.

– Most college student financial loans you discover on the internet are unsecured, which usually means you do not have to use collateral, like a dwelling, to safe the financial loan.

– Applying on the internet is easy and quick.

– You have a chance to get paid.

– There&#39s no paperwork!

You can use for college student financial loans straight through a loan company or by means of a financial loan web page. There is selected details that you will have to have to provide like:

– Your title and deal with.

– Two own references.

– The stability and desire of present-day financial loans.

– Your choice of payment options.

Just do your study due to the fact there are a lot of frauds current on the internet. Below are some matters to glance into:

– Make confident the loan company or web page is safe with a privateness policy.

– Do you have to have a cosigner?

– What details is required?

There are a lot of on the internet assets like Ed Financial loans Wizard to aid you estimate accurately how substantially income you will have to have. You can also discover out and evaluate the prices of distinctive schools through this sort of assets as Education and learning Loan Marketplace. Of system, you can stop by your lender branch and use for a college student financial loan that way. You will have to pay back them back with desire that could last more than a lifetime. It is approximated most men and women pay back off their financial loans inside of 5 many years of graduation.

There are a lot of varieties of financial loans masking distinctive backgrounds and scenarios. If you are a minority, you may have additional options. You can discover financial loans for Native, Black or Latino backgrounds. There are financial loans for men and women with disabilities and for these that converse certain languages. It is surprising, the amount of money of selections obtainable when you are wanting to use for college student financial loans.

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VT Nonprofit Lender Mulls Life After End of Student Loan Program | Jason Spencer Dallas

VT Nonprofit Lender Mulls Life After End of Student Loan Program | Jason Spencer Dallas

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The Vermont Scholar Guidance Corporation (VSAC) was set up in 1965 as a public nonprofit company intended to oversee the issuing of federal education and learning loans to Vermont learners. But with the sweeping reforms to the federal student bank loan plan that ended up passed in 2009, bundled in with the countrywide wellbeing care reform monthly bill, VSAC and agencies like it ended up stripped of their capacity to originate new federal education and learning loans.

As of July 1, 2010, all federal dad or mum and university loans are now supplied to borrowers instantly by the U.S. Office of Training, and VSAC is now experiencing a team reduction of just about two-thirds as it attempts to uncover techniques to endure in the age of the Federal Immediate Scholar Financial loan Software.

The company had been a loan provider in the Federal Loved ones Training Financial loan Software (FFELP), which was discontinued as component of the federal university bank loan reforms. As component of its lending capabilities beneath the FFEL plan, VSAC acted as both a loan provider and servicer of federal university loans.

Underneath the new entire world get, with FFELP disbanded, VSAC can even now handle (i.e., “company”) all the university loans it had issued in the past, but the company is no for a longer time ready to situation new loans.

Revenues from the repayment of issued loans ended up employed to fund new student loans as properly as ongoing money support and student bank loan education and learning packages, so the company faces a revenue reduction of about 90 per cent as its current loans are repaid.

VSAC even now problems a small amount of personal student loans, non-federal loans funded by VSAC alternatively than by the Office of Training, but the company is searching for a new part with the Immediate Financial loan plan.

VSAC just lately submitted a proposal to the Training Office to company far more than the present-day statutory highest of 100,000 federal education and learning loans. Underneath the proposal, the company is looking for permission to company the student loans of all Vermont learners and all non-resident learners enrolled at Vermont schools and universities. Underneath the new Immediate Financial loan plan principles, only four businesses have been licensed so considerably by the Training Office to company far more than the allotted 100,000 federal student loans.

Even if VSAC’s proposal is authorised, however, the revenue from servicing the federal direct loans would deliver in only a portion of the revenue the company at the time gained as a loan provider in the FFEL plan.

VSAC is also asking the Vermont condition legislature to enable underwrite its administrative charges by letting the company to divert about 7 per cent of its $21 million condition appropriation from require-primarily based grants and scholarships for learners to the company itself. VSAC is also asking legislators to make it possible for its personal student bank loan borrowers to deduct up to $500 of the fascination on its personal student loans from their condition taxes.

The agency’s upcoming part is unclear and is very likely to continue being that way until eventually at the very least April, though it waits for a determination on the expanded servicing of federal university loans designed via the Immediate Financial loan plan. The condition legislature is very likely to render a determination far more promptly.

But even with its personal student bank loan portfolio, a favorable determination on student bank loan servicing from Washington, and further aid from the Vermont legislature, VSAC will even now require to lower its budget by about 10 per cent a yr for the future three many years in get to continue being solvent.

The company, which at present employs about 300 people, has already slash about 60 positions via attrition. If the extra student bank loan servicing function would not materialize and legislators you should not concur to aid the agency’s administrative charges and money support counseling and outreach function, the company will very likely lower its team by an further 200 positions before the start of the future fiscal yr.

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How to Pause Your Student Loan Payments | Student Loan Forbearance’s & Deferment’s | Jason Spencer Dallas

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How to Pause Your Student Loan Payments | Student Loan Forbearance’s & Deferment’s | Jason Spencer Dallas


According to Jason Spencer Dallas, Students are burdened with student loan debt like never before. Americans owe over $1.4 trillion in student loan debt and the average graduate walks away with $37,172 in debt. Keeping up with your payments can be difficult, especially if you’re facing hardships like unemployment or a medical emergency.

If you’re in a tough spot, you have options you can use so you don’t default on your loans. If you have federal student loans, you can use deferment or forbearance to get through a rough patch. While using either option is not ideal, they can be a tool to help you get back on your feet according to Jason Spencer Dallas.

Student loan deferments

Student loan deferment is a federal repayment option that allows you to pause your student loan payments for up to three years. Depending on the type of loan you have, you may not be responsible for interest charges that accrue on your loan.
ProsIf you defer your student loans, you can stop making payments without entering default or damage your credit. That can free up money in your budget to pay for other demands, such as medical bills or rent. Having that breathing room can allow you to focus on getting your finances back on track.

If you have subsidized student loans, the government will pay interest that accrues while your debt is in deferment.

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ConsIf your loans are unsubsidized, the government won’t cover the interest that accrues on your debt. That means your loan balance can grow while you’re in deferment and you can end up paying back thousands more in interest once deferment is over.
How to apply for student loan deferment.  To be eligible for student loan deferment, you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • You are enrolled at least half-time at a qualifying university.
  • You are unemployed or unable to find a full-time job.
  • You are experiencing an economic hardship or serving in the Peace Corps.
  • You are on active duty military service.

Deferments are not automatic

To request a deferment, you must complete an Unemployment Deferment FormIn-School Deferment Form, or Economic Hardship Form. You should send the appropriate form and documentation showing you meet the eligibility requirements to your loan servicer for their review.

If you don’t qualify for student loan deferment for whatever reason, you might still be able to pause monthly payments through student loan forbearance.

Student loan forbearance’s like student loan deferments can postpone student loan payments or lower monthly payments via forbearance. If you qualify for forbearance, you can stop making payments for up to 12 months.

There are two types of forbearance: mandatory and discretionary.

With mandatory forbearance, the government requires loan servicers to grant you a forbearance if you meet one of the following criteria:

  • You are serving in a medical or dental residency program.
  • The monthly payment on your loans is 20 percent or more of your gross income.
  • You are a teacher serving in an area that would qualify you for Teacher Loan Forgiveness.
  • You are serving in an AmeriCorps position.

Under discretionary forbearance, your loan servicer decides whether or not you qualify. You may be eligible if have financial difficulties, medical expenses, or other acceptable cause.

If you’re facing a short-term emergency, such as a job loss, forbearance can give you much-needed relief while you get back on track. By getting your payments reduced or eliminated for a short time, you can get your finances in order without falling behind on your loans.

Forbearance can be a useful option if you’re facing money problems, but there are some consequences to consider. Interest continues to accrue on your loans when you’re in forbearance and you’re responsible for paying that back, regardless of your loan type. That can add to the cost of your loans and make it harder to become debt-free.
However, forbearance is still a smarter option than not making payments and risking student loan default.

If you’re applying for a discretionary forbearance, you must complete the General Forbearance Request Form and submit it to your lender.

For mandatory forbearance applications, you need to complete the form that matches your situation, such as the Student Loan Debt Burden Forbearance FormMedical/Dental Residency Form, or AmeriCorps Service Form. Send the form with documentation to back up your claim to your loan servicer.

Before applying for deferment or forbearance
When you apply for deferment or forbearance, remember that you must keep making student loan payments until your loan servicer notifies you that they’ve accepted your request. Otherwise, you could become delinquent on your loans.

Even though deferment or forbearance can extend your repayment term and cause interest charges to build up, either option is preferable to entering into default. These two programs can provide much-needed relief if you’re facing a financial emergency.

For more information about federal loan repayment options, learn how to lower your payments with income-driven repayment plans.


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Largest Student Loan Servicer In BIG Trouble for Screwing Over Teachers & Public Servants | Jason Spencer Dallas

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Largest Student Loan Servicer In BIG Trouble for Screwing Over Teachers & Public Servants | Jason Spencer Dallas


One of the country’s largest student loan servicers, FedLoan Servicing, seriously mishandled federal student debt forgiveness programs, depriving teachers and other public servants of debt relief, according to a lawsuit filed today by Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey according to Jason Spencer Dallas.

Fedloan Servicing, whose real name is the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency, uses Fedloan Servicing as an alias or in legal terms a “dba”, which has been a point of confusion for many years.  One poll found that more than 90% of those serviced by “Fedloan Servicing” thought that they were a Federal Government entity.  Opponents claim that such confusion is helpful when your job is essentially that of a collection agent.

Healey sued the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency, which does business as FedLoan, over “unfair and deceptive practices” in two loan programs that the company handles exclusively on behalf of the federal government: the public service loan forgiveness program, or PSLF, and a program called TEACH that gives grants to teachers in low-income areas.

FedLoan manages a massive portfolio of loans — a quarter of the country’s $1.4 trillion portfolio.

Under PSLF, public servants who are enrolled in income-based repayment plans can have their loans are forgiven after 10 years, or 120 monthly payments. But FedLoan delayed and mishandled applications for these repayment programs, the lawsuit says, causing public servants to be set back months in their timeline for forgiveness — paying significantly more money, and spending a longer time in debt.

“This company’s actions have jeopardized the financial futures of teachers and public servants across the country,” Healey said in a statement.

FedLoan “does not agree” with the allegations in Healy’s suit. “PHEAA remains committed to appropriately resolving any outstanding borrower issues while following the U.S. Department of Education’s policies, procedures, and regulations,” the company said in a statement.

FedLoan also badly mishandled the Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education program, or TEACH, which offers grants to teachers who spend time in low-income areas, according to the suit. Educators repeatedly saw their applications delayed and misprocessed by FedLoan, the suit alleges, mistakes that were costly for teachers. When the government believed that teachers had not completed the program, it converted their grants to loans — meaning teachers had to repay money they had never intended to borrow. That has left teachers “struggling to manage their student debt,” the suit says.

The suit also alleges broader missteps by FedLoan that go beyond programs for public servants. Because of a glitch in FedLoan’s system, the company overcharged thousands of borrowers and hasn’t refunded their money or even notified them of the overcharge, the suit claims. A “logic error” in FedLoan’s system allegedly sent “erroneous and unnecessary” bills to borrowers.

Student loan servicers like FedLoan, which act as middlemen of sorts between the government and borrowers, have faced increasing scrutiny in recent years, facing allegations of mismanagement and deception from government agencies and state attorneys general according to Jason Spencer Dallas.

The country’s largest and best-known student loan servicer, Navient, formerly known as Sallie Mae, was sued in January by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. And Healey settled a case last year with the servicer Xerox Education, or ACS, over a raft of allegations, including that it had mishandled income-based repayment plans.

The allegations against FedLoan are the latest in a series of problems for the public service loan forgiveness program, whose future has come into question as the Trump administration looks to trim costs and reform the complex student loan system according to Jason Spencer Dallas.

federal watchdog report found that the PSLF program is seriously broken, riddled with complexities that cause people to lose eligibility for small blips. And the Education Department has been sued by a small number of students who were told they would qualify for forgiveness, only to have the decision reversed — a case that caused outsized panic among thousands of public servants who were making payments on the assumption that they would receive forgiveness.

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 The National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators offers on-line tip sheets to assist distinctive student populations apply for monetary help by Jason Spencer Dallas

To ease the economic aid application method for students with distinctive circumstances and backgrounds, the National Association of Student Economic Help Administrators (NASFAA) recently published tip sheets.

The on the web tip sheets, which are open to the public, offer answers to frequent eligibility concerns that are raised throughout the application procedure. Concerns such as “Do you have a legal guardian?” or “How many individuals are in your household?” may possibly appear straightforward to most applicants, but are stumbling blocks for these who are homeless, in foster care, or have distinctive household scenarios.

“The objective is to attempt to address some of the situations that are a small bit outdoors the norm, to help these sorts of student populations and the men and women who help them,” said Karen McCarthy, director of policy evaluation at NASFAA. “We’re attempting to smooth the way, so that the method is much more manageable for men and women who may have these specific circumstances.”

The tip sheets are created in a FAQ-like format and supply data tailored to several student population segments, like foster or homeless youth, single parents, and military members. In constructing this resource, NASFAA incorporated answers to frequent regulatory questions it receives from members, previous analysis, and recommendations from the U.S. Division of Education. McCarthy said these tip sheets attempt to “pull all of that together” to offer “a wider benefit across all institutions.”

McCarthy said a recent alter in the FAFSA application cycle, which means students can commence applying for financial aid on October 1 rather of January 1, was the largest factor in NASFAA’s selection to release these ideas now. “We want to make positive we get that out there effectively before the FASFA opens on October 1,” she said.

In addition to helping students, these tip sheets are a valuable tool for economic help administrators. “It helps them to serve the students they are helping,” McCarthy stated. While the monetary aid administrators who NASFAA performs with are active in communities and schools, organizing presentations and events for students applying for financial help, McCarthy stated their presentations are “made for the masses of applicants.”

When it comes understanding the nuanced challenges faced by smaller student populations, McCarthy stated these tip sheets are NASFAA’s go-to resource for financial aid administrators. “We give tools to support them assist students, and these [tip sheets] are the main tools that we provide with regard to these particular populations,” she said.

by Jason Spencer Dallas

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18 States Sue Trump Over Shutting Down Student Loan Relief Programs | Jason Spencer Dallas

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18 States Sue Trump Over Shutting Down Student Loan Relief Programs | Jason Spencer Dallas

More than one-third of U.S. states on Thursday sued the U.S. Education Department and Secretary Betsy DeVos over the current suspension of guidelines that would have swiftly canceled the student-loan debt of folks defrauded by Corinthian Colleges Inc and other for-profit schools.

Last month DeVos pressed pause on the guidelines, due to take the impact on July 1, saying they necessary to be reset.

Massachusetts, 17 other states and the District of Columbia said in a filing in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C. the department broke federal law in announcing the delay with limited public notice and chance to comment.

DeVos, a Republican, has said accelerating the debt cancellation approach would put taxpayers on the hook for important fees, and a delay is needed while current litigation in California over the rules functions by way of the legal technique.

“With this ideologically driven suit, the state attorneys general are saying to regulate initial, and ask the legal queries later,” stated Education Department Press Secretary Liz Hill in a statement, adding the guidelines had been adopted “via a heavily politicized process.”

Customer groups Public Citizen and Project on Predatory Student Lending sued on Thursday to lift the delay as well.

The rules have been finalized in the last days of the administration of President Barack Obama, a Democrat who overhauled federal student lending.

Following Corinthian, a for-profit chain collapsed in 2015 amid government investigations into its post-graduation employment rates, the administration began drafting rules to support students caught with outstanding loans they had taken out for Corinthian tuition.

Wanting to preserve students from acquiring loans they could not repay, Obama particularly targeted for-profit, profession colleges that guarantee students they will find jobs right after graduating and can charge high tuition.

The attorneys basic for California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia and Washington, all Democrats, also signed onto Thursday’s lawsuit.

They said the department and DeVos had been making use of the pending litigation as “a mere pretext” to repeal the rules and replace them with a single that “will remove or dilute student rights and protections.”

The $1.4 trillion student-loan market became a hot-button problem in last year’s presidential campaign. Democrats sought to preserve Obama’s reforms, although Republicans such as then-candidate for President Donald Trump mentioned the government ought to “get out of the business” of student lending.

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Obtaining a Federal Small Business Grant

Obtaining a Federal Small Business Grant

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Acquiring a Federal Modest Business Grant

Obtaining a federal modest company grant does not depend on any one aspect rather it is a mixture of items along with availability, hard operate, and a great grant proposal. Federal tiny enterprise grants are made available for the promotion of modest organization development. They are normally granted on the basis of geographical location, the kind of organization or social activity, and no matter whether there is a potential to develop financial development.

There are three sources for locating federal small company grants. The U.S. government’s website is a great place to start. Online you will be in a position to view federal modest company grant possibilities from all federal agencies. The site provides a totally free sign up for notification of future grant possibilities and as an added bonus has an automated application and approval process.

You can also search the web for federal tiny enterprise grants and loans. Be careful though when taking this route. There have been a lot of fraud situations where men and women are promised totally free income just for an application. If you come across a website promising to support you find federal tiny company grants make certain to look and see if they back their item with a money back guarantee or cost-free trial period. Any reputable company will have no dilemma doing this. If they never move on.

The last and most important supply for identifying federal small company grants is the government’s own Catalogue of Federal Domestic Assistance. (CFDA). The CFDA offers a listing of federal small enterprise grants, loans and other varieties of economic help. Grant information is available by category, topic and essential words. Eligibility requirements are listed for all grants to determine if you qualify for them.

Soon after you have identified the federal small enterprise grants you wish to apply for you need to supply the funding agency with an elaborate and accurate proposal. In this written proposal you want to state your objectives and a program of operation for your enterprise. Furthermore you should be capable to come up with a ballpark figure for the quantity of funds you will want for your activities.

Preserve in mind that not all federal small company grants are obtainable throughout the year. That signifies as an applicant you want to be aware of any deadlines for a federal tiny business grant you are interested in getting. This details is created available to the public when the government agency supplying the federal small company grant tends to make an announcement of funds in the Federal Register. The Federal Register is published every day.

If you are interested in learning more about federal small company grants that may be accessible to you and how to put with each other a winning grant proposal verify out Grant

Student Culture: Participate in Student Media Activities

Student Culture: Participate in Student Media Activities

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Student Culture: Participate in Student Media Activities

There are quite a few extracurricular activities for students and a single of the most fascinating is student media. Well, in the majority of circumstances it is a student newspaper. Nonetheless, not several students are involved in this procedure. The majority of them believe that this activity is applicable for these who feel like becoming involved in the media business. As a outcome, not a lot of students even read student newspapers. However, this is an completely erroneous position. Why is that? You should participate in the student life! How can you get involved in student media? 1. Start reading the student newspaper of your school. Very first of all, you will grow to be conscious of the newest news of your school, and the all round circumstance in your community. You will locate out a lot of fascinating and very useful data about schedules, faculty, campus and main events. Of course, you will also know gossips of your college which can be quite beneficial information. two. Create for the newspaper of your college. Even if you are dreaming of becoming a brand manager, you need to create at least one write-up for the student newspaper. 1st of all, it is fun! Secondly, you will train your writing. Besides, you will be capable to write in your application kind or even CV that you wrote for your school student newspaper. In addition to, if you consider you cannot create a suitable write-up about some events or gossips, you could write a brief scientific post. This will assist you to create your expertise in academic writing and you share your brilliant analysis! three. You can even participate in this activity with out writing! Submit some material: picture, photo, share your knowledge. You might uncover out something intriguing and valuable for the rest of students. Do not be mean, and share that burning news with the rest of students!

Jordon Casinger works in term paper writing solutions as a expert academic writer. Pursuing her personal ambitious scientific profession, she assists countless students worldwide with on-line essay editing and essay writing on the web.


Student Loan Debt and Resources for Help | Jason Spencer Dallas

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Student Loan Debt and Resources for Help | Jason Spencer Dallas


Are you seeking student loan help? Well, you’re not alone.


In the U.S. alone, student loan debt totals more than a trillion dollars. Incredibly, the government owns about 85 percent of that debt, as a result of loans that are disbursed via government student loan programs. The amount of outstanding student debt held by the U.S. government increased by more than $100 billion each year according to Jason Spencer Dallas Texas.


Unfortunately, a large percentage of college graduates are seeking student loan help and student loan relief programs. The reason? Well, it’s due in large part to the ailing economy and the hyper competitive job market, which makes it extremely difficult for many graduates to get a job that will enable them to survive and pay back their student loans.


Granted, studies still reveal that having a college degree places you in a better position in the job market, as the percentage of unemployed graduates is about half the rate that you’ll see among adults who only have a high school diploma.


But once you factor student loans into the mix, the advantage becomes much less pronounced. Home ownership rates among college grads with student loans are much lower. The credit scores of those with student loans are actually decreasing with age, whereas those without the burden of student loans are seeing a dramatic increase in average credit score over time according to Jason Spencer Dallas Texas.


An analysis of the actual amount of money repaid each year has risen slightly in recent years, but a disturbing trend has been detected too. There is a rapidly rising differential between the amount of money that is actually repaid relative to the amount that is estimated to be repaid in a given year. In 2012 alone, the actual amount repaid fell short of the estimated prediction by about 30 percent according to Jason Spencer Dallas Texas.


With all these facts, it’s probably no surprise that student loans have the highest delinquency rate among all common of consumer credit, a category which also includes auto loans, credit card debts and mortgages. And student loan delinquency isn’t just growing among 20- and 30-somethings; it has risen significantly — by more than 25 percent in 2012 alone — in all age groups. The average is about 35% delinquency — that means that 1 in 3 college graduates with student loan debt has been unable to make a payment in the past 90 days.


So it’s no wonder there has been a rapid rise in the number of student loan relief programs and student loan forgiveness initiatives.


As many debtors have already discovered, federal student loans are like taxes in that they’ll follow you to the grave. Bankruptcies won’t do you any good; those student loan debts will follow you until you pay them.


But there is one exception that’s available to those who work in a ‘public service’ profession.  The U.S. government now offers a Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program, also called the PSLF Program. This student loan forgiveness program enables those who work full-time in a public service field to apply for forgiveness of their debt from student loans that were taken out under the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program. (Notably, Perkins Loans and other loans, such as the Federal Family Education Loan or ‘FEEL’ Program are not eligible for student loan forgiveness.) Individuals are eligible to apply for student loan forgiveness after they’ve made at least 120 payments according to Jason Spencer Dallas Texas.


Public service employees who are eligible for student loan forgiveness under the PSLF Program include teachers, nurses, social workers and other similar professions where the individual gives back to society, but often, earnings simply aren’t sufficient to allow for a comfortable financial situation with the burden of student loans.


In rare cases, some or all of an individual’s federal student loan debt may be discharged if an individual is unable to find a job related to their program of study and can prove extreme hardship, but this is typically a very rare event.


There are also a wide array of different student loan debt relief programs available to individuals who are struggling to pay their student loans.


Student loan consolidation is one common solution that’s offered to graduates who have run into trouble and struggle to afford multiple student loan repayments. In this case, the graduate may opt to take out a loan that pays off multiple student loans, thereby decreasing the amount of interest that they’re paying each month. This allows the graduate to make a single, lower monthly payment with only one interest payment instead of multiple interest payments.


Student loan consolidation aside, there are other student loan debt programs that work to negotiate with borrowers to reduce penalties and interest rates, when possible according to Jason Spencer Dallas Texas.


There are also a wide range of student loan relief programs, offered by private organizations and private employers. These relief programs typically work by supplementing a portion of each monthly payment, and this, in turn, reduces the individual’s monthly payment burden. Many employers are offering loan assistance as a perk to recent college graduates.


These student loan relief programs can also be used in conjunction with student loan forgiveness programs too.


Student debt is a very serious problem, but there are some programs available to graduates who are struggling to make ends meet according to Jason Spencer Dallas Texas.

Jason Spencer Dallas Texas

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Student Loan Debt Impacted by New Legislation on Interest Rates | Jason Spencer Dallas

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Student Loan Debt Impacted by New Legislation on Interest Rates | Jason Spencer Dallas

In recent weeks, U.S. legislators have been engaged in a heated discussion over the topic of student loan interest rates, which were expected to rise dramatically from a modest 3.4 percent to a whopping 6.8 percent. But President Barack Obama has signed a new bill into law which will drop those student loan interest rates to a more reasonable level — 3.86 percent for undergraduate students according to Jason Spencer Dallas Texas.

President Obama’s decision to sign off on the bipartisan bill, which was approved in the Senate with a 81-to-18 vote, comes as a relief to millions of students who are faced with repaying tens of thousands of dollars on their student loans according to Jason Spencer Dallas Texas.

The new 3.86 percent interest rate on federal undergrad student loans does reflect an increase from the prior rate of 3.4 percent, but it’s certainly preferable to the measure that would have doubled the rate to 6.8 percent, costing students hundreds — even thousands — more over the course of their student loan repayment period.

Notably, under the new law, student loans obtained by graduate students are subject to a higher interest rate of 5.41 percent according to Jason Spencer Dallas Texas.

Federal student loans and the degree to which the federal government subsidizes these loans has been the subject of tremendous debate in recent months. This particular piece of legislation applies to loans issued on or after July 1, 2013.

This new law also includes a measure that implements variable interest rates on undergraduate and graduate Stafford Loans, with an interest rate cap set at 8.25 percent for undergrads and 9.5 percent for graduate students.

The Stafford loan interest rate will now be revisited on an annual basis using a precise formula that entails considering the rate on ten-year Treasury notes, plus 2.05 percent for undergrads.

The formula for determining the graduate Stafford loans entails taking the rate for high-yield ten-year treasury notes and adding 3.6 percent to that figure.

While this new legislation means that student loans aren’t as high as they may have otherwise been, they are still rising which comes as unwelcome news to millions who are struggling and seeking student loan relief according to Jason Spencer Dallas Texas.

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Approximately 37 million Americans owe more than $1 trillion dollars in student debt, with the government holding $864 billion of that $1 trillion dollar debt figure. Now, consider the fact that the class of 2012 owes, on average, $25,350 in student loans. But the average starting salary for 2012 college graduates was $44,482. That equation makes it extremely difficult for recent college graduates who are faced with paying hundreds on student loan payments each month. It’s a situation that’s led many to seek student loan relief help.

It’s important to remember that student loans cannot be discharged in a bankruptcy. This dates back to a 1976 Congressional decision, as legislatures believed that the ability to discharge student loan debt would result in a situation where graduates pursued bankruptcy as an alternative to paying their student loan debt.

In 2012, the U.S. Department of Education announced its Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program, which enables those who work full-time in a public service field such as teaching, social work and nursing to seek student loan forgiveness. But this loan forgiveness is only available to those who have made 120 on-time payments — a feat that’s difficult for those who are struggling to make ends meet. The PSLF program is only applicable to William D. Ford Federal Direct Loans. These guidelines mean that this federal student loan forgiveness program is only useful to a very limited segment of students.

There are now an array of student loan assistance programs available via private employers, which offers some relief to students who are in debt. Others may opt to seek help via student loan consolidation programs and privately-run student loan assistance programs.

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