Is The Student Loan Forgiveness Plan A Good Idea?

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19 thoughts on “Is The Student Loan Forgiveness Plan A Good Idea?

  1. If your loan is "forgiven" your then your degree is void. Works for me. OR….. I'm all for loan "forgiveness" if I can get a check for $50,000.00 that I paid, doing it the right way…..

  2. What exactly was this 4 year forgiveness he was speaking about? I only know the 5 year 17500 off your loan, but as a teacher, what option do you have?

  3. my girlfriend is doing the 10 year forgiveness. works out to only having to pay 12k or so of the 55k

  4. I work in a hospital, would I qualify for the shorter student loan forgiveness program, I think 3 year? I have 84,000 in student loans federal and private. I am a radiologic technology making just under 50,000 a year. After deduction I bring home about 2000 a month. Student loan payments are about 600 a month, rent is 800 a month. Not much left to live on. My problem is legally I'm still married, separated for 4 years. Hemake well over 200,000 a year. I don't receive any of his income. We have been legal married for 10 years April 20th. soooo any one who looks at my income must include his to assess my qualifications. We stayed married to help me with me qualifying for future social security, him I'm a deduction and provide medical insurance. I live in a camper and very conservatively. Help I'm drowning.

  5. Now these Public Service loans may not even be forgiven this fall after those articles that came out last month in the New York Times stating "Your original agreement can no longer be considered valid." I pity everyone who got lulled into this trap by the government and am just thankful I didn't graduate with a truckload of debt, discovered Dave Ramsey, got on his plan a little more than 2 years ago and about to be debt free in 2 more months!

  6. I have to say listening to these make me feel better haha debt free paid off my loan life is good.

  7. The government repayment programs help recent grads to some degree but they do nothing for older borrowers who have been paying for years. The sad truth is, student loan servicers can make huge amounts of money all out of proportion to what was actually loaned, thanks to Congress. How much money do they really need to make and why is that good for society? I'd like to hear a discussion of that question sometime.

  8. 3-5 years great im trying to teacher in the inner city so thats good for me! great video

  9. do you have an actual name for this forgiveness after three to five years? because the only legitimate forgiveness with the Department of Education is after 5 years 10 years or 20 to 25. do you have a source? do you have a name of the program?

  10. what is your school shut down and your certificate is no longer valid or accredited?

  11. I'm trying to become law enforcement to get higher pay, yes my position is so bad I will get a significant pay raise in law enforcement, and get loan forgiveness for being a public employee.

  12. what do you suggest for someone who went to school attained 30k in student loan debt with no degree and absolutely nothing to show for it.

  13. what about signing up for ibr or repaye for purposes of getting lower monthly payment to attack the debt snowball ?

  14. Well I plan on spending the rest of my life take college classes studying computers. I will find a way to pay for my student loans.

  15. It's after 10 years then they will forgive your debt if you work public service ie Teacher, Nurse, Police, federal gov job etc.

  16. Wow I had the same question about this Loan forgiveness plan. I was also wondering, does it use the people's tax money? Because if it does, I feel guilty using it. Why should the American people suffer for my choices and my "mistakes"? Anyone know about that?

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