How to get into a debt forgiveness program

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JoAnn asks Dave about President Obama’s new strategy to forgive specified college student loans.

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20 thoughts on “How to get into a debt forgiveness program

  1. Leave the country , denounce citizenship . My loans were forgiven , I'm permanently disabled , I have a brain tumor and my loans were discharged and monitored and my taxes were watched for over 3 years and I'm about to die , and these vultures are going after my ex husband and sister for money , and my discharge is still under question even though my paperwork is thorough and 3 years have past and my condition is terminal . Denounce US citizenship and move out of US ,

  2. Hi Dave.

    I'm a single parent with a new business and I owe approx 100k in student loans from multiple degrees. I would love to buy a home one day to leave my daughter but I'm so in debt and my credit score is so low due to the loans I have in place. In addition to the student loans I owe 9k on my car and 3k in credit card bills and pay 1500 in rent a month not included utilities, child care and food expenses. After expenses my bring home from my business is approx 60k annually. Before started my business I was unemployed and during that time I defaulted on those student loans. I don't know how to approach getting back on track. Just like the lady in this video the 500 I was paying a month on the student loans the bottom line wasnt moving. How can I ever crawl from underneath this rock?

    Thanks in advance!

  3. Alright I need advice. Yahoo did an article on a student loan debt forgiveness program and provided a number. Its supposedly in cooperation with the government. I think the name is Mjssc student advisors or something like tht. Now my servicer Navient have called these guys frauds but Navient are shady people themselves so Im stuck here, I gave these guys my bank account info. and am Worried tht thy'll clean house on my account. I dont know who to believe here, so who can I contact to find out if these so called debt forgiveness programs are legit? Please respond, any help will be appreciated.

  4. Student Loan Debt is Killing millennials. 15 % of all student Loans are Private Loans. Now there is a helpline where borrowers can challenge their private student loans with the help of attorneys. They'll look carefully at your loan docs and determine if you have been victimized by false claims. If they find the debt unenforceable, borrowers are not required to pay it. Here's a number to learn more 888-669-1064.

  5. This has to be a scam since the person on the phone is probably hungry for money since feminist's claim men get paid more than women they are taking advantage of this scam to have more money than men

  6. This program was made by the obama administration. Now what is the guarantee that the next administration will not change it? also u need to know that when u are paying the minimum the interest will continue to pile up.

  7. The best thing to do is take out 300,000 in student loans but skip college and invest that 300,000, if you invest in the right stocks you can pay off your student loan and make more money off of interest

  8. Instead of rice and beans, I said go to a steak house. Look the government is taking a risk by letting you paid in 20 years and forgive you, don't forget that the payment is adjusted to your income. Look I don't know if I am going to live 20 years so I said pay the minimum and the spare money invest it or enjoy go to the steak house.

  9. Student loans are serious. I will pay off mine with no problem as long as I have a job.

  10. So…students working hard for four plus years to receive an education is considered "cleaning up our own messes?" You want to put this woman on "beans and rice" to "clean up this mess." Education is not a mess we make like irrational credit card purchases, it's an essential part of society that trains young people to enter professional fields of work. Why is it that young people must be punished and have to suffer, simply because they want to contribute to society in a professional setting? Without education, there would be no doctors, lawyers, teachers, nurses, et cetera. I am a recent college graduate who supported myself through a four-year institution, only to find myself in piles of debt. There is a great need for education reform.

  11. THIS is why you invest in real estate w/cashflow, and double your holdings every 2 years. STOP paying your student loans people, and start getting assets and leverage, and SHELTER your assets!

  12. The key is, rack up as much debt as possible in student loans, max it all! Go out and buy new clothes and new TVs and avoid working. Once you graduate start the repayment plan and pay the absolute minimum (I think it's 5% net income). After 20 years have the government pay your loans for you! Winning so hard!

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