How Do I Pay Off $182k In Student Loans? Jason Spencer Dallas Texas

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Jason Spencer Dallas Texas

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26 thoughts on “How Do I Pay Off $182k In Student Loans? Jason Spencer Dallas Texas

  1. This man does nothing but ramble about his caller's issues. Where's the innovative advice Dave is "known" for in all his fame?

  2. "This is a daggum mess!" Dave is funny ? but I agree. I can't talk though…I've got 63k worth myself ?

  3. That kind of debt is crazy for a PA. A doctor will make a minimum salary of 250k, a PA will be lucky to cross the 120-130k a year income bracket.

  4. My plan is to apply to PA school and it is so so expensive but NHSC offers loan repayments as well as some employers!

  5. Robots and their jobs…the best is the business and financial degrees struggling with money lol

  6. I'm a non trad student and would love to become an md or even pa. But the opportunity cost is overwhelming financially and time wise. I'll either be approximately 260k or 110k in debt. Guess nursing it is !

  7. 10k sounds about right. 200k after tax would be 140k/12 = 11.5k they said they make close to 100 a piece so 10k sounds abt right.

  8. A period of debt taught me this: external circumstances don't matter as much as what is in my heart and a connection to abide in Christ. This lesson I continue to live by, as my finances increase well above 0. I count wealth as nothing, just as I began to count my debt as nothing, compared to the prevailing wealth of Christ. I learned no external circumstances guarantee happiness, and yet happiness can be attained in any external circumstance; and now I practice this: sometimes profitable situations are harder to find internal happiness than tragic ones. The mourning will be comforted, whereas the laughing will mourn. All in all, hate the world and attain inner love through abiding in Christ!

  9. "*another* little one is on the way" with $300k in debt? I'd love to have been a fly on the wall for that family planning. "Honey, let's get a couple of new SUVs and have another baby so that when the debt collectors come or one of us is going to be laid off, we'll be able to play the sympathy card". Geez.

  10. Wait, what? "…and then when baby comes, lets just roll our sleeves up and start punching this thing in the face and make it go away."

  11. We need a compilation video of Dave's different reactions to the amount of student dead people have out of the different segments. That would be funny!

  12. Well I guess he paid for that PA degree! Well at least he got a good job with his degree, unlike so many others today who get college degree… But yeah, he needs he cut back..

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