Don’t Pay Your Student Loans

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Consider of all the items you can do with that income as an alternative!

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Grant O’Brien

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20 thoughts on “Don’t Pay Your Student Loans

  1. I never used College Loans…NEVER. I had 2 Scholarships. As long as I didn't go below C average, no prob. Stay away from loans…PERIOD.

  2. LMAO this was funny, I love their skits. On a serious note though, maybe an acting major can get away with this shit of not paying but a licensed healthcare professional like me couldn't cause if we don't pay back our loans we could get our license suspended for an extended period of time which means we wouldn't be able to work legally and we're not about to throw away the career we worked so hard to obtain cause we refuse to make our mandatory monthly payment. The system sucks and loans suck but I'd rather have my job at the end of the day. ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

  3. Do what I'm doing. Work while you go to college. You don't have to take five classes every semester, just take two or three while you work a part time or full time job. It will also help you find out what you really want to do with your life. Better to waste your time and money on two – three classes you don't like then even more time and money on five classes you don't like.

  4. Oh literals, you feel like people should give you everything and you give nothing back because you didn't do anything useful with what was given to you because YOUR RETARDED And studied art or acting or My personal favorite, A FUCKING LIBERAL ARTS DEGREE??????

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