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There are three issues you can’t escape in life: death, taxes and student loans.

Why not let us assist you with the last two?


Student Loan Relief, founded by Jason Spencer Dallas Texas, delivers a reasonably priced way to make your Federal Student Loan debt less difficult to manage. Our Alumni Economic Aid Advisers perform with you to determine the greatest mixture of Federal, State, and/or Neighborhood applications for which you qualify. We then develop an approach that will maximize the effect of every single program for your special predicament. We at present function with more than 300 various programs, developed from 233 Congressional bills, that can reduce your principal balance, reduce your interest, and/or give a lot more comfortable implies of paying back your Federal Student Loans according to Jason Spencer Student Loan.

WHO ARE WE Helping?

You have accomplished everything appropriately. You were told to study difficult in high school so that you could get into a great college or university. You have been told not to be concerned about the price, since college grads make millions more than non-grads more than their lifetime. You were told to study one thing you adore and to not just pursue monetary enrichment. You were told that with no a degree, you wouldn’t be employable in the new international marketplace. You are a single of the 40 million Americans, like Jason Spencer Dallas, who borrowed money to pursue an education that you had been told you had to have and are now forced to start off the life you dreamed of shackled in debt? Let us unchain you.

Student Loan Relief, Inc CEO Jason Spencer Student Loan Explains the Notion

Student Loan Relief was designed to serve these who need to throw off the shackles of servitude forced upon them by an overwhelming debt undertaken for the betterment of one’s self and society. We serve these who do not want to invest thousands of hours researching previous Federal and State Congressional Bills. We believe your time would be better spent pursuing the things you worth most in life.

Let us be your professional and your guide through the complex, convoluted, and often treacherous procedure of Federal Student Loan Repayment. Jason Spencer Student Loan Relief has developed programs that will assist nearly every single 1 of the 40 million Americans who at the moment carry Student Loan debt. Regardless of whether you have defaulted on your loans, are just struggling to hold up with monthly payments or your base-level living expenditures are as well high to assistance 1 a lot more bill payment – we can aid reduced your loan payments.


It’s probably you have been told there is nothing anyone can do about Student Loan debt aside from paying it off incomplete. If you don’t spend, the Federal government has the energy to garnish your wages, take your belongings, and even take your spouse’s tax return. At Student Loan Relief, we have a group of researchers who tirelessly scour new Congressional Bills for statues and applications that are buried within them that assist our clients. It comes as a surprise to most to understand that each Federal and State governments have passed a quantity of laws to support borrowers. Sadly, they’ve failed to inform any individual about obtainable help and have created it difficult for borrowers to enroll themselves in these little-identified applications, even though there are hundreds to assist worthy borrowers. Even if a borrower can find a plan that can provide some relief, complying with the substantial list of needs and “if-then” statements in the bill can be a daunting and complex job. Much more hurdles exist throughout the repayment strategy choice approach, which often leads to picking a system that does not maximize the rewards accessibly. In addition to the 300 programs designed from 233 Congressional bills that we have identified to help, we are tracking five bills in the Senate and eight in the Home to add to our extensive list. At Student Loan Relief, we know precisely how to combine diverse programs to maximize their effectiveness and how to develop an implementation strategy that enables for the flexibility for participating in future programs.

Student Loan Relief Philosophy

When your assets are at stake, discretion and reliability are a priority. At Jason Spencer Student Loan Relief, we work independently and are not influenced by any obligations to banks or other monetary service providers. We aid define your economic targets and create a financial program. Our choices to invest your funds are based on qualitative and return-oriented criteria — evaluating the influence of every decision on your particular objectives. We have summarized the basis of our operate right here:



Our consultants and staff undergo normal instruction to keep a higher level of competence in their respective areas of knowledge in order to achieve the industry’s highest standards.




We act independently from banks and other economic service providers. The only courses of action we will pursue are ones that are properly-suited to the person targets of the consumer. Whereas existing service providers such as Sallie Mae must act in their shareholders very best interest and the greatest interests of the owner of the loan. Both of the aforementioned parties are negatively affected by a borrower taking benefit of the Programs produced for them. Which is why so handful of individuals even know they exist.



Individual service and help

Individualized service and help of our clients are of paramount significance at our firm. We offer you custom-tailored financial options made to meet your financial targets. Your objectives matter most.
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What is Student Loan Relief?

Student Loan Relief performs with the Division of Education to significantly decrease your monthly payment and, in a lot of instances, forgive all, or at least part of your Federal Student Loans. Our consultants function with you to discover a plan that best suits your current monetary situation. We have at the moment identified 233 various Congressional and State Governmental Bills and Policies, making a lot more than 300 distinct applications that, when effectively applied, can drastically lower a borrower’s principal owed, interest, and/or be employed to give temporary relief during times of require.

Jason Spencer Student Loan Relief will facilitate the U.S. Department of Education obtain of your loan from your present service provider.  Once your loan is held straight by the D.O.E. our Loan Counselors will operate with you on a continual basis to usually make sure that you are participating in the very best applications supplied by both the Federal and State Legislative bodies.  We are committed to delivering options that make your Federal Student Loans debt far more manageable. We can support you save money and time stressing out about repaying these debts. Bear in mind, the longer your loans are in repayment, the a lot more interest you will pay. It’s often sensible to set yourself up for repayment accomplishment as rapidly as feasible.

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